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  • 2-hour interview, either in person or by Skype to discuss your business and your goals
  • Thorough review of your Website Copy
  • Rewrite your Home Page
  • Rewrite your About Page (Bio)
  • A written 60-Second Elevator Speech that will summarize what you do, how you do it, and your client base 


This is an All-In-One Website-Building Package for business or personal use that takes the anxiety and time-consuming drudgery out of creating your own website. Here’s the deal:

You get all of the above for one low price of $450.**

 You get all of the above for one low price of $450

This is a $3,500 package.

Do your palms sweat when you're called upon to give your 60-Second Presentation at a networking group?

Do you stutter and fumble for words at a networking event when someone asks what you do?

I will create a clear, concise, compelling 60-Second Marketing Message that you can use at a networking event, on your website's homepage, on an email, on landing pages, marketing cards, wherever.

It all starts with a 2-hour discovery to define and differentiate you and your business. We'll also pin down your target market, which will lend focus to all of your future marketing campaigns.

  • End your nervousness
  • Sound Professional
  • Feel the power of a self-confident elevator speech

  • A 2-hour interview to define, differentiate, and deliver your message
  • A 5-Page Website Built Just for You - it includes a Home Page, an About Page a Contact Page, + 2 additional pages (other pages available at additional cost.)
  • ​Includes 24/7 Support!
  • 60-Second Presentation
  • Slideshow, Links, Call to Action Buttons
  • A free domain name for 1 year
  • Free website hosting for 1 year
  • Email plan for one year that includes 5 email addresses and unlimited storage
  • Copywriting for your Home Page, About Page, and Contact Page (copywriting available for other pages at additional cost.)
  • A Photo Session with a Professional Portrait Photographer

Let's-Get-Started Copywriting Package

THE 60-SECOND-Marketing-message PACKAGE

Our Most Sought-After Package!

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a picture is worth a thousand words,

But a story is worth a thousand clients.

The Brand-Assessment Package

The 1st step in Brand Assessment is a 2 hour, face-to-face interview. This will give us an in-depth understanding of your company, identify your goals, and zero-in on your client base.

Next, we will propose a plan that will include creative copy for your website and detailed steps on how we will build brand love, engage specific audiences, and amplify brand communication through a social media strategy, including a blog.

Your website is the window into your world. We replace windows that prevent people from seeing the real you. Clean, concise copy attracts clients, communicates your marketing content, and strengthens your brand.

Here's what you get in this package:

You get all of the above for one low price of $550

***This price includes the interview and proposal only. Offer is for a limited time only. So, take advantage, while it lasts!

Unbelievable Total Price of This All-In-One Package: $1,785.00 

The "B-12 Solution” Package

Trying to acquire new clients with an old, worn-out website? Is your site getting the traffic you’d hoped for? Does it seem that whatever traffic you do get, potential clients are not signing up, or clicking through?

It’s time to accelerate your on-line success. Inject your site with the B-12 Solution.
The B-12 Solution is the most comprehensive Search Engine Optimization + Copywriting formula to enhance your visibility and garner new clients. It is the number-one antidote to fight worn-out, non-producing website sickness. It’s the 1-2 punch your site needs to bring new clients to your door, and to have them sign up, click through, and convert.

Here’s what you get with the B-12 Solution:

  • 3-hours of interviews to delve deep into your business specifics to determine who you are, what you do, and to identify your target market(s)
  • Thorough research to discover key words people use when searching your profession
  • Customized coding for up to five pages of your site, creating the most pertinent key words, meta tags, and titles for your industry
  • Clear, concise, compelling wording that will communicate the benefits of your products and services
  • A re-write of your homepage
  • A re-write of your about page
  • Even a 60-second presentation you can use to market your site when people ask, “What do you do?”

You not only want this package, your business needs this package. It’s affordable, and it’s proven to work!
Best of all - the drudgery of creating new pages and marketing them is done for you, leaving you free to focus on what you do best.

The entire price of the B-12 Solution Package is a low $950! This price is for a limited time only. So sign up now to take advantage of this offer.

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