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A unique twist as the novel switches genres, from a mystery to a thriller. Don't know the difference? Ask me, I'll be happy to explain.

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It's not what you think, even after you read it. You'll like this one!

17 stories - each one with a bit of twist. 

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Meet Harold Jenkins, a sexually frustrated man. Essentially isolated in his New York City apartment, he is helpless against the powers that control his every hour. But new possibilities arrive in the appearance of a mysterious stranger, sniffling on Harold's stove in the middle of the night.

​Softcover. Personally signed by the author.   Price: 11.95

A Sharp Bend in the Road: 17 Intriguing Stories

Gerard Bianco M.F.A.

A Sharp Bend in the Road redefines the art of the short story collection. - Seventeen stories, built around absorbing characters, strong conflicts, and sometimes dark and absurdly humorous ingredients, prove that journeying through life is far from predictable.

​Softcover. Personally signed by the author.   Price: 13.95

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Paris, 1912 - a cemetery, an evil spirit, an ancient ritual - Jeremy Wright, the world's leading expert in the occult, is thrust into a race against time to save a young bride from a hideous death.

An Edwardian, supernatural thriller, first in a series of the famous occult detective, Jeremy Wright, and his faithful companion, Michael Hargrave.

In New York City, women with red hair are being brutally murdered. Detective William Gillette and his team are on the case, but they remain clueless until a curious stranger proposes a series of tempting deals that will help solve the crimes.

Softcover. Personally signed by the author.   Price: 16.95

A Grave Honeymoon