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Creative Impact through Marketing, Copywriting, & Website Design


"I use clear, concise, compelling language to communicate the benefits of your products and services, while strengthening your brand."

Wicked good!

Gerard Bianco holds an MFA in Writing. He's an award-winning author and playwright. His stories have been published in literary journals. He is a creative writing teacher and an author coach. Gerard divides his time between Portland, Maine and Boston.

"A website must be designed from the point of view of the client and the emotional experience they garner from it. Every point of contact with the site must then fulfill this requirement. "

30+ years of business savvy and design expertise, coupled with an author's mastery of words, make Gerard Bianco your number-one choice for marketing, branding, and copywriting strategies that work. 

 Here is his 4-Phase Marketing and Branding Strategy: 

Fist Step is
DISCOVERY - Offers you clarification
Second Step is
PLANNING - Offers you direction
Third Step is
IMPLEMENTATION -  Offers clean, clear, concise communication to publicize the benefits of your products and services
Fourth Step is
ANALYSIS - Allows you to see how your marketing is working, allowing for adjustments to garner maximum results

"The most outstanding services I supply to your overall business picture are clarification and direction, without which your business will not succeed."

"Hi, my name is Gerard. I'd love to hear from you. Let's chat about how we can communicate your message, create Brand Excitement, and grow your business."