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Gerard Bianco's Unique 4-Phase Marketing, Branding, Copywriting, and Web Design Strategy offers creative solutions to convey your message. It sets you above your competition and encourages clients to click through, sign up, convert.

Enhance your website’s visibility *** Get recognized as an expert in your field *** Look and sound professional ***  Win clients you desire

Looking for:

A fresh marketing plan?

Clear, concise language to communicate your message?

Potential clients who will understand the benefits of your products and services?

  • Brand Strategy
  • ​Naming
  • Positioning Statement
  • Niche Marketing
  • ​Corporate Identity

“Meeting with Gerard for the purpose of clarifying our story for our website was the best thing we could have done!”

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Come on - It's time to beef up.

What People Say

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"I want to thank Gerard Bianco for the amazing work he has provided me and my company.  A few months ago I met with Gerard and told him I needed to do something but was not sure what it was.  He took the time to get to know me and what my company really was.  He told me a re-branding is what I needed.  He said if I trusted him he would make suggestions that would change the entire look of what was then "Not On Our Watch"  After about a two hour meeting/interview he took about a week and scheduled another meeting to go over the changes he made.  He said being concise and precise was the key to my company.  He said the new name should be Michael Mercer Consulting.  Since I consult, this made total sense.  So for the next 4 months or so we went from a very ambiguous company with an unprofessional website to a very clear and effortless website.  My company "Michael Mercer Consulting has had it busiest 4 months since the new look and a look that will take Crime Prevention with Michael Mercer Consulting into the future.  Thank you Gerard. You are a pro and a genuine person."

"Now is not the time to whisper."

Gerard Bianco, LLC

​Gerard Bianco marketing, branding, copywriting, web design

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Angie Patenaude, Nurse to Nikken

Priscilla Hansen Mahoney, CPC..

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Gerard Bianco marketing, branding, copywriting, web design


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Together, we will discover what you need to succeed.

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"Gerard has become a valuable resource for my business. He has taken my words and made them stronger, more succinct and effective. His mastery of words has connected me to the clients I want and love to work with. I highly recommend Gerard Bianco for copywriting and branding
services for any business owner."

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Gerard Bianco marketing, branding, copywriting, web design

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Gerard Bianco​ Marketing, Branding, Copywriting, Web Design​